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PV System Design Specialist (PVDS) - Option 2 (24 PVDS 475)


$825 Enroll

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Welcome to MREA's PV Design Specialist (PVDS) course package!
OPTION 2, which includes 2 online courses and 2 days of in-person Solar Plus Storage training.

Prerequisites: NABCEP PV Associate credential

This course package will provide you with the 18 HOURS of advanced PV training and 6 HOURS of NEC training required to meet the educational requirements for the NABCEP PVDS Board Certification exam, per section 4.5.2 of the Certification HandbookLinks to an external site..

Please note that this course package does NOT cover every task step outlined in NABCEP's PVDS Job Task AnalysisLinks to an external site., so additional experience, training, and/or independent study will be necessary to prepare you for every possible question you may see on the PVDS exam. This is not an "exam prep" course package.



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