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Rise Up Training is a Course

Rise Up Training


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Full course description

The Rise Up training package is an in-person training that enhances our fundamental courses by prolonging their duration and integrating hands-on demonstrations. This approach is geared towards providing participants with an in-depth grasp of the concepts, going beyond a general overview to offer a more immersive introduction. The purpose of Rise Up training is to prepare students for enrollment in the remaining courses necessary to obtain the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Associates credential. 


The Rise Up Training Program consists of two courses delivered over 5 days:  

  • Introduction to Solar Energy Work (PV 100) will be delivered in three 7-hr days and  
  • Basic Photovoltaics (PV 101) will be delivered in two 7-hr days.  


PV 100: Introduction to Solar Energy Work 

This 21-hour course introduces participants to the basics of solar electricity and what to expect in a solar career. Starting with the fundamentals of how electricity and photovoltaic (PV) systems work, learners will explore PV system types, components used in each system, mounting options, and wiring methods. Tools, meters, and installation best practices will be discussed and demonstrated through a variety of hands-on activities, with an emphasis on worker safety and protection. This course concludes with an interactive exploration into the importance of “soft skills” on the jobsite.  


PV 101: Basic Photovoltaics

This 14-hour course addresses the basics of solar electricity. Participants will learn how photovoltaic (PV) systems work, compare and contrast different PV system types, identify necessary system components, and understand the best applications for (and limitations of) each system type. Other discussion topics include energy efficiency strategies, researching a site’s solar potential, and where to find information about PV costs and incentive programs. 


Upon completion of the Rise Up curriculum, students can enroll in Basic Site Assessment (PV 201) and PV System Design (PV 202) to complete the required coursework to take the NABCEP PV Associates Exam.


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