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Off-Grid PV System Load Analysis & Design (PV 420) Online INDEPENDENT STUDY is a Course

Off-Grid PV System Load Analysis & Design (PV 420) Online INDEPENDENT STUDY

Time limit: 365 days

$175 Enroll

Full course description

Prerequisites: PV 101, PV 201, and PV 202 or NABCEP credential 
Total Course Hours: 4

Tim to Complete: 365 days
Course Instructor: Kris Schmid 



Course Description: 

This four-hour online independent study course covers battery-based PV system components - from modules and array configurations to batteries, charge controllers, and inverters. Participants will review design principles for sizing battery-based PV systems, beginning with a thorough analysis of daily loads. Based on those load requirements, choices for system voltage and amp-hour capacity of the battery bank will be discussed and determined. Finally, participants will select appropriate system components and configure them to complete the stand-alone PV system. 


Students can work through recorded presentations and exercises at their own pace. When the coursework is finished, a completion certificate is issued.




Approved for Continuing Education By: 

  • WI DSPS 


NABCEP: This course is approved by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) for the following credentials, certifications, categories, and hours: 

  • 4 PV Installation Professional Exam (JTA)  

  • 4 PV Design Specialist Exam (JTA) 

  • 0.5 PV Design Specialist Exam (NEC) 

  • 0.5 PV Installer Specialist Exam (NEC) 

  • 0.5 PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist Exam (NEC) 

  • 2 PV Technical Sales Professional Exam (JTA) 

  • 0.5 Solar Heating Installer Exam (NEC) 

  • 4 PVIP Recertification (JTA & RE Elective) 

  • 0.5 PVIP Recertification (NEC & Building/Fire Code) 

  • 4 PVDS Recertification (JTA & RE Elective) 

  • 0.5 PVDS Recertification (NEC & Building/Fire Code) 

  • 4 PVIS Recertification (RE Elective) 

  • 0.5 PVIS Recertification (NEC & Fire/Building Code) 

  • 4 PVCMS Recertification (RE Elective) 

  • 0.5 PVCMS Recertification (NEC & Fire/Building Code) 

  • 4 PVTS Recertification (RE Elective) 

  • 4 SHI Recertification (RE Elective) 

  • 0.5 SHI Recertification (NEC & Fire/Building Code) 

  • 4 PV Associate Renewal 

WI DSPS: This course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) for 4.0 Credit Hours for the following licenses: 

  • Commercial Electrical Inspector 

  • Dwelling Contractor Qualifier 

  • Journeyman Electrician (including Industrial & Residential) 

  • Master Electrician (including Residential) 

  • Registered Electrician 

  • UDC-Electrical Inspector