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PV System Design (PV 202) - ONLINE is a Course

PV System Design (PV 202) - ONLINE

Time limit: 60 days

$395 Enroll

Full course description

Prerequisites: PV 101 and PV 201 
Total Course Hours: 16 
Time to Complete: 60 days 
Instructor: Jenny Heinzen 





This is the third (final) of the three courses required if you are pursuing your NABCEP PV Associate Credential.



Course Description: This 16-hour course teaches the step-by-step process of designing grid-tied and battery-based PV systems. Participants will explore sizing strategies, select appropriate equipment for each system type, identify mounting methods and related equipment needed for a safe and structurally sound installation, and calculate voltage, current, and power of the system to ensure its safe operation and code-compliant electrical installation.   


Design parameters of PV modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and module-level power electronics (MLPE) will be discussed at length, and emphasis is placed on series and parallel circuit calculations, the I-V curve, maximum power point (MPP) tracking and the effect irradiance and temperature has voltage and current values in a PV system and its overall performance. Participants will be introduced to a variety of national and local building codes, electrical codes, and safety regulations as they pertain to PV system installation, interconnection, and inspection.  


Students can work through recorded presentations and exercises at their own pace. If the coursework is finished within 60 days and all assignments receive a passing grade, a completion certificate is issued. 


Required Textbook: You may choose one of two (or both): 

  • Solar Electric Handbook: Photovoltaic Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd ed. Solar Energy International. ISBN# 978-1-7363581-0-8. 
  • Photovoltaic Systems, 3rd ed. James P. Dunlop. ISBN# 978-1-935941-05-7. 


Office Hours are available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 p.m. CT via Zoom. This time is available for you to ask questions and talk to an instructor in real time if desired.




Approved for Continuing Education by the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) for the following licenses and Credit Hours: 

  • 16 Commercial Electrical Inspector
  • 12 Dwelling Contractor Qualifier
  • 16 Journeyman Electrician (including Industrial & Residential)
  • 16 Master Electrician (including Residential)
  • 16 Registered Electrician
  • 16 UDC-Electrical Inspector


Why Get NABCEP Certified?
It's hard knowing where to start in the PV Industry. MREA's NABCEP training helps ease the way. NABCEP Credentials like the PV Associate (in the center of the Career Pathways) are designed to prepare people for careers in the renewable energy industry. For many people, this is the first step toward working in the PV Industry.


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