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PV Curriculum Development PV Associate Package is a Program

Full program description


Prerequisites: None 
Total Hours: 48  

Time to Complete:
  • 30 days for PV 101 / Online
  • 30 days for PV 201 / Online
  • 60 days for PV 202 / Online
  • 16 hours for PV 703 / In-Person (Oct. 27-28)
Instructor: Jenny Heinzen 

Course Description: This package of three MREA courses (PV 101, 201 & 202) is the one-click registration that allows participants to work through materials in preparation for the NABCEP PV Associate exam, or any entry-level PV training, in a self-paced online format.  


These three courses can also be purchased separately, and PV 202 can be purchased with or without a textbook, but the Core Course Package includes it all in one convenient bundle: PV 101, 201, 202, and the textbook. Students can work through recorded presentations and exercises at their own pace. If the coursework is finished within the 30-30-60-day time limits and all assignments receive a passing grade, a completion certificate is issued for each course. When you finish with PV 101, you can start (enroll in) PV 201; when you’re done with PV 201, you can enroll in PV 202. 

Office Hours are available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 p.m. CT via Zoom. This time is available for you to ask questions and talk to an instructor in real time if desired. 

Approved for Continuing Education By WI DSPS

These three courses are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) for the following licenses and (total) Credit Hours: 

  • 31.5 Commercial Electrical Inspector
  • 27 Dwelling Contractor Qualifier
  • 31.5 Journeyman Electrician (including Industrial & Residential)
  • 31.5 Master Electrician (including Residential)
  • 31.5 Registered Electrician
  • 31.5 UDC-Electrical Inspector 


Why Get NABCEP Certified?
It's hard knowing where to start in the PV Industry. MREA's NABCEP training helps ease the way. NABCEP Credentials like the PV Associate are designed to prepare people for careers in the renewable energy industry. For many people, this is the first step toward working in the PV Industry.


PV Curriculum Development Course

Total Hours: 16 

Time to Complete: This course begins on October 27th and ends on October 28th. Class times run from 9 am - 5 pm CT. 
Instructor: Jenny Heinzen  Nick Matthes. Ellen Barlas and Nick Hylla. will also participate. 



This 16-hour (2-day) course will provide instructors, curriculum developers, and program directors with the materials and information necessary to create or improve solar training programs at their institutions. This course will provide curriculum resources, hands-on lab design ideas and information, and technical details regarding the formation of courses in solar training that meet current and evolving industry standards.  



Course Location: Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) 
7558 Deer Road 
Custer, WI 54423 


Coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch will be provided. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so we can plan accordingly. The MREA does not have a cafeteria or vending machines, but we have a full kitchen for you to use. 



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